Rookie Balance Bike - Starry Mint

Rookie Balance Bike - Starry Mint

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Frame : 6061Light weight Alloy frame , The stylish low step thru S shaped frame, makes it easier for your child to get on and off the bike.

The longer wheelbase design makes the bike more stable and easier to maneuver and handle.

The specially designed height of the alloy frame allows your child to walk the bike while sitting comfortably in the saddle with both feet flat on the ground.

Fork: Durable Hi tensile fork.

Headset/ Steering: Special design wide angle steering limiter prevents your child from turning too sharply, prevents the handlebar and front wheel from completely a full 360-degree revolution.

Tire : 12" KENDA Inflatable Air Tire gives a cushioning act shock absorber over minor bumps and rocks create smooth rides for your child.

Valve cap : Special designed Valve cap for age under 3

Grip : Comfort Rubber Grip with knobby end protects your child’s hands when handlebar runs into wall or from hitting the ground during fall.

Saddle : Thick padding U shape saddle prevents your child from sliding off seat while scooting or going a slope.

Seat Clamp - Quick release seat clamp allows you to adjust the seat up or down without a tool.

Footrest - The frame-integrated footrest allows your child to rest their feet when the bike cruises while balancing on the two wheels. 

Seatpost - with 2 seatposts , regular and longer seatpost

Colour : Starry Mint

Weight : 3.88kg

Sizing ( How to measure inside leg )
Approx. age
Min. Inside leg
Max. Inside leg
18M+ 30cm 38cm (47cm with long seatpost)